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Application and application of hot rolled H-beam


Hot rolled H-section steel has excellent mechanical properties and superior service properties by reasonably distributing the aspect ratio of section size according to different purposes.

★ high structural strength. Compared with I-beam, the section modulus is large, and the metal can be saved by 10-15% when the bearing conditions are the same.

★ the design style is flexible and rich. In the case of the same beam height, the opening of the steel structure can be 50% larger than that of the concrete structure, which makes the building layout more flexible.

★ light weight of structure. Compared with the self weight of concrete structure, it is lighter, the self weight of the structure is reduced, the internal force of the structure design is reduced, the requirements of the foundation treatment of the building structure are low, the construction is simple, and the cost is reduced.

★ the steel structure mainly consists of hot-rolled H-shaped steel, which is scientific and reasonable in structure, good in plasticity and flexibility, and high in structural stability. It is suitable for building structures with large vibration and impact loads, and has strong natural disaster resistance, especially for some building structures with multiple earthquake occurrence zones. According to statistics, among the devastating earthquake disasters of magnitude 7 or above in the world, the steel structure buildings with H-shaped steel as the main part suffer the least damage.

★ increase the effective use area of the structure. Compared with the concrete structure, the section area of the steel structure column is small, which can increase the effective use area of the building. Depending on the different forms of the building, it can increase the effective use area by 4-6%.

★ compared with welding H-beam, it can save labor and materials, reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and labor, reduce the residual stress, and improve the appearance and surface quality. ★ it is convenient for machining, structural connection and installation, and easy to remove and reuse.

★ the use of H-shaped steel can effectively protect the environment, which is manifested in three aspects: first, compared with concrete, dry construction can be used, resulting in less noise and dust; second, due to the reduction of self weight, the amount of soil taken for foundation construction is less, and the damage to land resources is small, in addition, the amount of concrete is greatly reduced, and the amount of rock excavation is reduced, which is conducive to the protection of ecological environment; Third, after the service life of the building structure expires and the structure is demolished, the amount of solid waste generated is small, and the value of waste steel resource recovery is high.

★ the steel structure mainly made of hot-rolled H-beam has a high degree of industrial production, which is convenient for mechanical manufacturing, intensive production, high precision, convenient installation, and easy to guarantee quality. It can be built into a real housing manufacturing factory, bridge manufacturing factory, industrial plant manufacturing factory, etc. The development of steel structure has created and driven hundreds of new industries.

★ the construction speed of the project is fast, the floor area is small, and it is suitable for all-weather construction, and it is less affected by the climate conditions. The construction speed of the steel structure made of hot-rolled H-beam is about 2-3 times of that of the concrete structure, the capital turnover rate is doubled, the financial cost is reduced, and the investment is saved. Taking "Jinmao Tower" in Pudong, Shanghai, as an example, the main structure with a height of nearly 400m has been capped in less than half a year, while the steel-concrete structure needs two years.



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