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POSITION:European Standard H beams are in our warehouse

European Standard H beams are in our warehouse


19th April, 2019 

We are pleased to annouce that our workshops have completed the March Production Plan of HEA and HEB beams. All the specifications are as follows:

HEB100, HEB120, HEB140, HEB160, HEB180, HEB200, HEB220, HEB240, HEB260, HEB280, HEB300, HEB400, HEB450, HEB500, HEB600, HEB650, HEB900, HEB1000.

HEA100, HEA120, HEA140, HEA160, HEA180, HEA200, HEA220, HEA240, HEA260, HEA400, HEA450, HEA600, HEA700.

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