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What are the uses of h-shaped steel


Application of H-beam: 1. Application range of H-beam:

1 Beam and column members in steel structures of industrial and civil buildings;

2 Steel structure load-bearing brackets for industrial structures;

3 Steel piles and supporting structures for underground works;

4 Industrial equipment structure such as petrochemical industry and electric power;

5 long-span steel bridge members;

6 Frame structure for ship and machinery manufacturing;

7 Train, car, tractor beam support;

8 Port conveyor belt, highway baffle bracket.

  Second, the technical rationality of the application of rolled H-beams: The use of H-beams in industrial and civil buildings not only saves labor and reduces costs compared with commonly used I-beams, but also reduces the amount of steel used. For example, the steel structure of the factory building can be reduced by 15% -20% compared with the steel consumption of hot-rolled wide flange H-beam.

third, Research and development direction of Laiwu Steel H-beam: Laiwu Steel actively develops and develops H-beams for fire-resistant, weather-resistant and earthquake-resistant series of construction, international advanced standard H-beams, high-strength controlled rolling and cooling H-beams, etc. Wide and unequal thickness special-shaped H-beams; development of weather-resistant H-beams for railway vehicles, H-beams for transmission towers and mast structures, and H-beams for offshore oil platforms. Comprehensively upgrade the product grade of existing H-beams.



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